Why Choose Marlin?

  • No hidden costs, minimum order or spend
  • Steaming, high-end retouching, cut outs and backgrounds included
  • Fast turnaround
  • Latest photographic equipment
  • Fully equipped studio
  • More than 30 years’ experience in imagery & brand identity
  • Exceptional customer service experience


Packshot & Ecommerce

Make your products irresistible with photography that underpins your product’s quality and augments brand recognition. Whether you need simple white background product shots, creative effects or want to add in props, key features will be highlighted and your products showcased to their best effect.


Flat Lay Photography

Provide buyers with a bird’s eye view of your products! Particularly suited to casual clothing, flat lay is a clean and stylish way of presenting your items on e-commerce sites and social media channels.


Ghost Mannequin

Show you customers what a garment looks like on the body without the costs of professional models and background distractions! Essential for online trading, as it’s said to increase sales by 30%, we cut your images out and place on a plain background.

Pack Shots & E-commerce

Drive sales with stunning imagery that highlights product features and is optimized for use online and in print. Our all-inclusive pricing includes product preparation, colour correction and editing.

Flat Lay Photography

Ideal for showcasing product features, flat lay provides a clear way of presenting your items to consumers. With images cut out and placed onto a plain background items can be folded, grouped and styled to your requirements.


Ghost Mannequin

Help your customers to visualize what a garment looks like in real life with ghost mannequin photography. Capture shaping, fabric draping and the quality of your brand.


Bags are notoriously hard to shoot as they tend to lose their shape and their straps can be very unruly! They are beautiful works of art and deserve photography that matches the craftsmanship of the designer. 

We shoot at your chosen angles and strap position and boost your e-commerce sales with striking imagery.


Capture the brilliance of your jewellery with highly detailed shots, that reflect the quality of your products. Experienced in shooting highly reflective materials, we can highlight intricate details and colour match gemstones and metals to show a true representation of your beautiful pieces.

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