We are a full service agency based in Manchester (Altrincham), specialising in Graphic Design, Multimedia and Production services to develop, manage and market businesses. With a wealth of experience, we have consistently maintained our position as a team with a reputation for reliability, creativity and innovative solutions.

What is image retouching?

Image retouching services involve manipulating and modifying images to improve their features, create new colour ways and match to product samples. This provides optimum representation of your products in print and online resulting in – you guessed itmore sales!





Our colour retouching services include:

  • Cut outs
  • Adding or removing elements
  • Background replacement
  • Room sets
  • 3D mock ups
  • Removing wrinkles and spots
  • Balancing flesh tones
  • High end beauty and fashion retouching
  • Swatch matching
  • Creation of additional colour ways
  • Rendering of materials onto base shots
  • GMG colour certified proofing


And the other benefits of image retouching?




It’s far more economic than hours of reshoots or taking photos of the same product in every colour available,
so you can save time and money too.


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