We are a full service agency based in Manchester (Altrincham), specialising in Graphic Design, Multimedia and Production services to develop, manage and market businesses. With a wealth of experience, we have consistently maintained our position as a team with a reputation for reliability, creativity and innovative solutions.

Flow Zone and Colour Management


RGB Workflow – the way forward!

Our colour management service ensures exceptional representation of your products, whether they be shown on screen or in any printed media. We’re highly respected within the industry and are used by leading brands and many other design agencies.


To explain in a little more detail, the images we work on are kept in an RGB colour space and the final retouched images become what we call ‘master files’, which can be recalled and used on future material (see flow zone section for more info). From this master file we then convert the requested image to the correct colour space.


For instance with a printed job we would convert the images to match your specific printer specification. This allows the use of the same image to be used on multiple jobs at the same time. Finally, the printed colour results from digital presses to conventional print (sheetfed, Web offset and Gravure), this helps achieve ink stability throughout print runs and preserves colour integrity regardless of substrate.

Impressive visuals with very little amendments required

Working with Marlin is easy - they identify our requirements and grasp concepts quickly, creating impressive visuals with very little amendments required - and all delivered to our deadlines and budgets. I can't say enough about the quality, speed, attention to detail and the performance of their work!

Gareth Simister

All images are correctly profiled to our specification

We produce our own artwork and photography and use Marlin to ensure all images are correctly profiled to our specification and proofed from print ready PDFs to a certified proofing standard.

Neil Owens

Consistent colour accurate results

Marlin take our photography and creative and ensure we achieve consistent colour accurate results across a wide range of print processes.

Findlay Martin


The next generation of Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management (DAM) has provided a way of publishing assets across the internet. Many sectors have recognised the benefits of sharing digital assets in a controlled way.


However, limitations arrive when something more than just a simple flat organisation of digital assets is required, a system is needed which provides wider capabilities. Therefore, by combining DAM with Project Management and Flowmation, this provides a whole new array of possibilities for organisations who want to work with digital assets in a multi-faceted way.


The scope and involvement for many projects is an inter-company rather than just an intra-company. The organisation of the projects and the interaction with external users is a significant issue which can now be delivered in an effective and efficient way using Flowmation. It gives web based access to all, providing a professional and modern way through a web browser where all project members can interact.


Traditional DAM systems work like libraries where you can browse, search and retrieve assets. Flowmation extends well beyond this, enabling your assets to be organised as projects which can be worked on by both local and remote project members whether they are colleagues, clients or suppliers.


Project tasks can be automated through workflows that are embedded within the system. By clicking on an icon users can initiate these workflows. These may be small automation tasks such as sending emails or reminders, generating web forms, providing asset manipulation, asset upload, asset download and remote approval. Flowmation gives complete control over the design of these workflow automations enabling the creation of a project system that fits seamlessly into business processes.