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Fancy a change? The Black Bat Licorice

You don’t have to be an animator, director or musician to get excited when a new innovative music video appears like a ray of light in the sometimes dim and predictable landscape of Vevo. As a younger man I’d look forward to the latest White Stripes video as they are always a treat for the eyes (somewhat thanks to securing the talent of Michel Gondry on a few occasions). It seems that Jack White (former front man of The White Stripes) has no intention of dropping this creative flame with his new music video: The Black Bat Licorice.


The video is interactive to an extent, though you could choose to watch it without any interaction and you’d experience a rather dark animation by James Blagden, where an illustrated Jack White embarks on a disturbing adventure. But if you were to press and hold the ‘3’ key at any point it flips the video to footage of Jack White himself going though something similar, yet less gruesome. Pressing and holding the ‘B’ key flips yet again to a courtyard of head bangers doing what they do best.

The combination of these 3 elements which are beautifully synchronised makes for an unusual and individual viewer experience. Though if you watch it on your iPhone, you’ll see the videos stacked up one on top of the other, this gets around the problem of the lack of keys but ultimately undermines the interactive concept. With the ever increasing use of tablets and mobiles for browsing (a study in the US suggesting that mobile devices have already exceeded PC use for time spent on the internet*), has this video come a few years too late?


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*See source http://www.marketingcharts.com/online/in-the-us-time-spent-with-mobile-apps-now-exceeds-the-desktop-web-41153/


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